The Golden Hour after birth

The way your baby is cared for and nurtured immediately after birth significantly impacts their transition into this world.

What should happen in the Golden Hour after birth?
The new born baby should immediately be placed tummy down on their mother’s stomach. A warm blanket should be placed over both mother and baby, to keep mother warm. This slows the production of adrenaline hormone in her so as to not interfere with oxytocin and prolactin hormones being produced (essential for bonding and breastfeeding).

At this time, the mother’s needs are simple: warmth and a quiet, calm environment. It is important to remember that she is still in labour – the placenta and membranes are still to be birthed, and her uterus needs to contract down.

There are several important reasons why the first hour after birth should be undisturbed:

#1: Breastfeeding can naturally be initiated by baby and this can help with breast feeding success
#2: Babies can regulate their body functions better skin to skin with mum
#3: Cord Clamping is delayed
#4: Mother and Baby have time to bond and baby feels safe and secure

Make sure that you will be supported in your skin to skin contact with your baby during this important time. Keep a warm, cosy environment for your baby’s welcome into the world and make sure that you feel safe and comfortable and able to have the ability to bond and fall in love with your new baby.

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