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Hypnobirthing is unlike any other parent prenatal course as it builds on the mother’s natural and instinctive ability to zone in to her birthing body, working with the hormones and the body’s own very powerful painkillers. It builds a deep inner confidence, which leads to a relaxed calmness during the birth. Classes teach the importance of having loving and caring support during labour and offers the Doula, father or birthing partner the role of protector and creator of a quiet, peaceful birthing environment where the mother feels safe and nurtured. The hypnobirthing course also provides detailed information so that you are empowered as parents and able to make the best decisions for you and your baby during the birth.

Debbie’s Hypnobirthing classes teach you to believe in yourself and to have the confidence to create the best possible birth that you can and to look forward to the birth of your baby with joy and excitement.

The skills and knowledge that you will learn on Debbie’s Hypnobirthing courses will prepare you confidently for the birth of your new baby. Hypnobirthing mums often experience quicker, calmer and more comfortable births with less intervention and pain relief and one of the benefits of having a calm and relaxed birth is that your baby can be calm and relaxed too.

It is not just about producing babies. It is about creating strong, confident mothers who learn to trust themselves and use their own inner wisdom to make confident choices. 


  • Full Hypnobirthing Programme exclusive private class.  This course consists of four sessions lasting up to 2.5 hours each session and classes are available at times and dates to suit you. The course has been well designed to give you all the information that you will need to empower you and hypnosis to give you and your birth partner the best possible preparation for a calm and confident birth. This course costs £260 and includes a relaxation CD and course notes.
  • The Essentials of Hypnobirthing  Course (private class) for a comfortable and confident birth costs £180 and is taught over three sessions of just over two hours each. It includes all the essential tools and allows for an extra session of hypnosis to build in more confidence and empowerment. This course is particularly useful to teach you the essentials of hypnobirthing if you are unable to take the full course.
  • The  Hypnobirthing Refresher Course (private class) costs £85 and is taught over one session and covers all the tools that you will need plus visualisations, and hypnosis to release your fears and build confidence. This is a useful course if you have already been through hypnobirthing and childbirth.
  • One to One Hypnotherapy for Childbirth  Individual hypnotherapy for childbirth sessions costing £75 each to prepare you for childbirth. These sessions are for mums only and  provide you with exactly what you need to release your anxieties, overcome past trauma and increase your confidence, plus the benefits of learning breathing techniques so that you can have a confident, calm and relaxed birth.
  • Full Hypnobirthing Group Courses The course consists of four sessions. This course costs £205 and includes a relaxation CD and course notes. These courses are organised depending on bookings and availability.
  • Doula support and Hypnobirthing A shortened hypnobirthing course with the gentle and caring support of Debbie as a Doula at the birth. See the Doula page for more details.

Course fees need to be paid in full a minimum of a week before the start of the first session, by Bank Transfer, cash or cheque.

Debbie teaches her private courses, private workshops and group sessions of up to three couples in her large studio just south of Chichester, West Sussex. The studio is situated in a rural area, just a mile south of Chichester. The studio is quiet and relaxing with comfortable chairs and has lovely views over fields and farmland and there is ample parking. She also teaches classes in Church Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire, by arrangement.

For more information about how Debbie can support you during childbirth as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner please contact her with any questions you have and she will be happy to help you.

Contact Debbie on 01243 775295 / 07766175945 or email debbie@chichesterhypnotherapy.co.uk

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