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A lovely hypnobirthing family


“Ok so the reasons I wanted to do hypnobirthing: I wanted a better understanding of the process and my body whilst in pregnancy and childbirth. I knew that I wanted to make the right decisions whilst in childbirth of what was necessary and what was just doctor/midwife intervention. I wanted my partner to understand fully what the process was and how he could make the right decisions for us at the time.”

 This is the outcome and what we found:

I had quite a traumatic birth as I haemorrhaged 3 times and was taken in to hospital instead of the home birth that was planned. I also had a retained placenta and Reggie was born with the cord wrapped round his neck and was not breathing. My labour was about 27 hours long.

This obviously was a time where we could have been extremely stressed but because of our hypnobirthing we were completely calm and knew exactly what was happening. I breathed my way through 17 hours of labour at home on my own and then was taken to hospital. The midwife and doctors were all amazed at ‘how I kept a smile on my face the entire time’ their words exactly. I had gas and air but refused other drugs and also they wanted to cut me to help get Reggie out but even with 10+ professionals around me (because of all the problems) mark and I said no. Mark told the midwife that I wanted to do it and he knew I could do it! We had discussed this after a session of hypnobirthing so we’re both aware of the complications etc. Our beautiful little boy was born at 6.24pm on 20/10/2014 and everything has been perfect.

Even now I use my hypnobirthing tools of relaxation, breathing and my faithful cloak of protection all these things have helped me take on life a little differently.

reggie in ball pool


Hypnobirthing was a wonderful experience and showed me how powerful your own body and mind can be.

Sceptics should give it a try as it made my labour experience an empowering and lovely experience even with the issues we faced.”

Thank you, Lou xxx


Such a lovely experience

“As a first time Mum I was so excited to be expecting a baby, but also apprehensive about the birth – I’d heard so many negative stories about labour and from the start of my third trimester I began to feel very nervous. I’d heard about hypnobirthing through friends and decided to book a session with Debbie who had come highly recommended. I already practised yoga and enjoyed complementary therapies and hypnobirthing sounded like a natural extension of this to help me towards the labour that I wanted. “

Teddy HB picture (amy and teddy)

Debbie’s class was fantastic; I immediately felt comfortable  with the hypnobirthing techniques and she helped me realise my fears about labour and balance them with positive statements and confidence in my own abilities. On Debbie’s advice I practised the hypnobirthing breathing and relaxation techniques daily and I soon found that I wasn’t dreading labour at all – in fact, I felt ready to experience it and meet my baby. They also gave me some nice quiet time each day to enjoy the final stages of my pregnancy.

 My labour began during an evening walk with very light early surges, and thanks to the hypnobirthing techniques I didn’t panic and instead started the process of breathing, deepening in to each one, and trusting my body to do it job. Through doing this I was able to labour peacefully at home with my husband for 24 hours, before arriving at the birth centre already 4cm dilated and coping well with active labour. I then went from 4cm to fully dilated in just four hours, using the birthing pool, gas and air, and my hypnobirthing routine. My beautiful baby girl Theadora Primrose was born in the early hours of that morning. Because my labour was so calm and natural, we were discharged that day, Teddy latched quickly, and my recovery was brilliant – I could go for walks with the pram within days and felt almost back to normal within a few weeks.

 I credit hypnobirthing with giving me such a lovely birthing experience and also for helping Teddy arrive in the world as such a happy, content little baby and I can’t thank Debbie enough for her advice and support.”

 I really did have such a lovely experience – and fingers crossed I can do it all again in a couple of years!”

Amy xx