Debbie Barnes

Debbie Barnes is the founder of Chichester Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing and is a very genuine, kind, and supportive person. She is a professional hypnotherapist specialising in Birth Support as a Hypnobirthing Teacher and Doula. Over many years of working with clients she has developed her own unique and very successful way to help you to not just release your bad habits but to actually help you as much as possible to create the life that you want to live. Whether that is to achieve a calm, confident and comfortable Hypnobirth or a better and definitely happier life. She helps you to deal with challenges so that you can confidently move towards your dream or goal. 

Photo me 4Debbie has been working with people for over 15 years to help them overcome their fears and anxieties so that they can achieve the goals that they desire, such as having a calm, comfortable birth, gaining inner confidence, releasing unwanted habits, and becoming happier with themselves and their life. 

Birth Support – Doula and Hypnobirthing 

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Debbie has a passion for supporting parents through childbirth as a hypnobirthing teacher. She has developed her hypnotherapy practice to provide an antenatal class that really helps expectant mothers and fathers to take charge of the birth. The hypnosis relaxes parents, releases their fears and builds a deep inner confidence and gives women the tools to help them work with their birthing body to create as calm, comfortable and relaxed birth as possible on the day and a wonderful birthing memory. 

20160926_184718-mcareDebbie often gets asked to give talks to expectant parents and she enjoys talking to everyone, sometimes sharing some of the breathing techniques and sometimes relaxing everyone with some hypnosis. She believes that it very important to support all parents that wish to create a calm, comfortable and natural birth. One of the best parts of helping parents through Hypnobirthing is that Debbie gets to meet the babies afterwards and watch them grow.



Debbie can help you as an;

  • Experienced Hypnotherapist
  • Specialist Hypnobirthing Teacher
  • A Doula ( mentored) with Doula UK
  • Specialist Fertile Body Hypnotherapist
  • Reiki Master


Hypnotherapy can help with; Stress * Anxiety * Depression * Panic attacks * Insomnia * Lack of Confidence * Lack of self-esteem * Fears and Phobias * Fear of Driving * Fear of Flying * Health Anxiety * Overcoming past emotional issues * Anger Management * Public Speaking * Exam Success * Weight Loss * Hypno Gastric Band for Weight loss * Smoking * Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) * Relaxation * Childbirth * Improve concentration/ focus/ motivation * Improve sport performance *  Manifesting your dreams*

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I credit hypnobirthing with giving me such a lovely birthing experience and also for helping my little girl arrive in the world as such a happy, content little baby and I can’t thank Debbie enough for her advice and support.” Amy

“Thank you for your help in clearing my negativity and bad memories today. I feel so much lighter and much more positive about the future now, so a big weight and shadow has been lifted from my shoulders. You are a natural therapist and have a genuine gift for helping people. Thank you.” Katie

“I just wanted  to thank you very much for the session yesterday. I’m feeling much better today, much calmer and happier. I think you’re brilliant.” Jo